Create Your Personalized Memo Book Today

Create your personalized memo book, Easy 3 Setps:

Step 1: Email us your photo (2-3 pcs),  name  to

Step 2: Transfer payment RM38/ $18 to our Acc: 15 0101 7915 (SC Zoomix Studio) OCBC Bank & send us the slip with your FULL Address.

Step 3: We will send a design to your email & post the memo book to you within 5 working days.


Personalised Memo Book

Personalised Memo Book


Snap & Print service.. SHARE THE PERFECT MOMENTS INSTANTLY!!! Our objective to keep all the perfect memories onto a picture instantly during the events.

Its suitable for Event / Corporate function / Birthday Party & Wedding Reception. With our 4″X6″ instantly snap and print photo, for sure can cheer up all the customers and the special guests….

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