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Everyday in our lives, we share our laughter, sweet memories, and even our cries with our friends and love ones. We cherish every single moment when we are together. But how well could we remember all these precious moments throughout our lives? And, how could we express our feelings to others so they feel exactly how we feel? By having thought of this, two young guys came together and decided to transform their ordinary lives into incredible yet enthusiastic lives.

In 2008, Zoomix was founded in Gerogetown, the UNESCO World Heritage Town, right at the centre of The Pearl Of The Orient, Penang. Its founder and cofounder – Jummy and Hooi started their very first design business during their college life. Naturally as life unfolds for Jummy coupled with his own increasing interest and enthusiasm in photography, Zoomix Studio was founded and continues to grow today in both design and photography field. Driven by passion and perfectionism, every piece of artwork is a story on its own, taking form and life through the mind of our designers and photographers.

After years of adventure, we boast of a versatile portfolio which covering many sectors, including wedding, fashion, property developments, hotelier, hardware, telecomunication, finance & banking, F&B and etc. Our clients have taken us around places throughout Malaysia as well as Singapore, Thailand, and Australia.

At Zoomix Studio, we offer more than professional photography. Our portrait studio captures the moments that you and your family will cherish for years. Our photographers know precisely how to bring out the unique personalities of each individual, creating a photographic record that can be shared and displayed. Our photography studio does more than take photographs; we capture the moments and make memories last for a lifetime.

Our artworks have been used in a wide variety of publications and outlets that include large scale indoor or outdoor billboards, mainstream press advertising, magazines, brochures, leaflets, menus, websites, e-brochures, editorial materials, books, posters, wallpaper, corporate reports, catalogues, sales support material, corporate identity solutions, trade shows or exhibition, promotional video advertisements, displays, invitations, event and etc.

Zoomix Studio combines contemporary and traditional studio services in both photography and designing practices. It is one of the few full scale commercial studios catering to the broad range of commercial photographic needs in the business community.

At Zoomix Studio, we serve the best for your lifetime memories! We are all about Design & Photography!


International Photographer / Member of SWPP & SICIP:




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